Kevin McKeon

01. Best skating memory, why do you skate?

The first time I went to the skatepark in Malmo, I felt like a little kid on Christmas day because I couldn't believe a skatepark that good existed. I skate because it's fun, you always get to travel with your mates and have a laugh

02. Worst skating memory?

Having to sleep on the streets of Portsmouth on my own in the pissing rain because I missed a train going back to London.

03. Best Result:

2nd Cantelowes qualifier for Malmo?

03. Favourite board?

Current set Up? Karma 8.25 deck, Indy 149 trucks, Death Wheels 58mm, randoms bolts and I wear Vans shoes

04. Favourite Sunglasses

The aviator because they make you look rich

05. Full name and What you like to be known as:

Kevin McKeon, some people call me "the plasterer" or "meanwhile kev"

06. Who is more Pikey, you or Aaron and why?

It's got to be Aaron for undisclosed reasons.



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